Absolutely high tech. The latest call centre technology for our customers.

Our telecommunication system enables more than 200 parallel conversations.

CTI functionalities for in- and outbound activities become child’s play. Skill-based routing provides for maximum efficiency. 

For e-mail and fax we work with a fully fledged multi-channel response management solution, which handles customer enquiries in a fully automated or partially automated manner. Using self-learning artificial intelligence methods, incoming documents are classified and forwarded.

Besides the security of our technical infrastructure, our focus lies on systems that meet the complexity of our tasks and our quality standards. 

What’s more, we have our own highly flexible planning and controlling software, which characterises the day-to-day management of service centres. It enables a high level of automation of the entire working process and reduces manual activities to a minimum. In everyday operation, they thus produce crucial benefits. 

With our own sales and consulting system specially developed for tourism service centres, we ensure an optimum consulting process for every customer.   

And across all communication channels!

touristic24 GmbH - the sales company
Wallstraße 9-13
10179 Berlin / Germany

Phone: +49 30 7261019-1000
Fax: +49 30 7261019-1001



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